Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What climbing experience do I need before attempting Mount Everest?

A. Our expeditions are run primarily for climbers. As a minimum we like climbers on our trips to have been to altitude previously (above 7000m) and preferably, though not essentially, to have used supplementary oxygen to familiarise themselves with the system.

Q. Is there a particular mountain you would advise climbing first which would give me relevant experience?

A. Our general advice is to try climbing Cho Oyu before attempting Everest. It is a great high altitude, low angle introduction, allowing you to assess your aptitude for mountaineering at 8000 metres. It is cheaper than Everest, yet has many of the challenges.

Q. How fit do I need to be for a Himalayan expedition?

A. Your long term aim should be a deep fitness that comes from constant activity. You do not need to be super fit. In fact the super fit are frequently the worst acclimatisers. More importantly you need to be super determined. It's a long haul in every sense.

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